Business Orchestration SystemS (BOSS)™ provides a distinct view of the organization by what it does — through capability models. Organizations use this perspective to develop a common understanding of strategic priorities, holistic improvement opportunities and actionable change mandates.

Software as a Service is a critical component to our methodology. This provides the agility to make quicker and more confident decisions to drive people and process. By using an analytical tool, you will successfully leverage quantitative data to drive change initiatives that have the greatest business value to your business.

BOSS™ allows companies to:

• Articulate what the business must produce to satisfy its customers, develop and deliver products and services, compete in a market, deal with its suppliers, sustain operations and care for its employees.

• Show the business as an ecosystem of capabilities and delivers a new perspective on how existing and planned initiatives impact the entire business through our analytical events driven software.

• Create a stable, ends focused perspective — even when the implementation of the capabilities changes.

• Provide a common language changing the conversation from protecting turf to focusing on what is best for the business as a whole.

• Drive change on both sides of the balance sheet, increasing revenue and/or decreasing costs.

Examples of SaaS Outputs

"Using BOSS™ we were able to identify and prioritize specific capabilities in the business for improvement. We achieved cost savings that exceeded 27 percent and significantly increased the quality and reliability of the output."
— E.L., VP, Manufacturing and Logistics

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